Three Things You Must Do to Get Rich as a Writer


Is it possible to get rich as a writer? Yes, writers are building their net worth every day though their creative efforts. There’s no set formula to doing this, but there are three things you must do. I discuss them in this video.

Three Things You Must Do to Get Rich as a WriterOne of the things that has interested me is that some writers say they are not interested in earning an income as a writer. On one hand, I do understand that some people who write as a hobby. They may write family histories for a limited audience, or perhaps short stories for their own entertainment. No problem with that. But others offer their book for sale and claim they don’t care if it makes money or not.

It’s my view that if you offer your book for sale, you ought to try to make it as much money as possible. If you make a lot you can give money to charity. However, to offer for sale, and then say you don’t care if it sells or not, does not make much sense to me. That’s why I believe that many of those people who claim altruistic purposes for writing a book are using lack of sales as a defense mechanism for their lack of success.

Sure, if you’re going to write as a hobby profits mean nothing. Don’t  put it in the public marketplace. But if you’re going to write with the idea of making money, then you are duty-bound to sell it with a vengeance. Not only is the income satisfying, but it’s a way to measure your audience. The more you sell, the wider readership  you have. I believe that all writers are interested in having a wide readership — to share their ideas with as many people as possible. Your income is a way of keeping score.

In this video I describe three things you must do to get rich as a writer. That’s not saying there are not more things heat you can do, but these three things should be considered the minimum.

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