Quality Ghostwriting for Your Book, Blog Posts or Video Scripts.


eBooks and Print Books

I write the book, you get all the credit and profits

  • I will write a quality nonfiction book that you will be proud to claim as your own.
  • I write on virtually any topic and the contents will be unique.
  • Your name goes on the cover as the author. You will own the copyright and can use the book in any way you wish. Zero restrictions.

The plan is a simple one

  • You tell me the topic you have in mind. Almost anything. If you have case studies or have done some research, you send it to me at the start of the project. If you have no research, that’s okay too. Just send me a list of ideas that are important to you.
  • I create a detailed outline that you approve. I then write the book and you approve first and final drafts.
  • You get to claim full authorship for a book you’ll be proud of, you get all the profits it generates, and the acclaim that comes from being a published author.

Let me write your business-related book, biography, family history, corporate or organization history. Personal service. Fast, efficient, quality writing.


eBooks and Print Books: Custom quotes based on your project needs

  • Pricing from 12 cents per word. Actual price is determined by the scope of the work and amount of research required.
  • Price includes copy editing.
  • Publishing services (book cover, interior book design, and typesetting) are also available. See my complete bookcraft packages here.
  • Deadlines that meet your needs. ebooks in 30 days or less. Full-length print books completed in 90 days or less. I take pride in my professionalism.

You own the completed book, so you control pricing and distribution.  You receive tremendous value for your investment.

Click here to see some of the books I have written under my own name. Books written for clients do not appear due to confidentiality agreements. My name will not appear in your book either (if you wish)–you get full credit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What topics do you write about?
I consider all topics. I specialize in all categories related to automotive, business, current events, finance, real estate, construction industry, energy conservation, Internet marketing, tech, travel, real estate, relationships (including dating/family), psychology, health and nutrition, writing and publishing, self-improvement and spirituality. If you have highly technical subjects such as law or medicine, please see note * below.
Do I get any cover I can imagine as part of the deal?
If you are selling online, you want a “billboard” cover, not a “fine arts” cover. You can supply your own properly sized cover image if you wish, otherwise, I will create a unique cover for you using one or more royalty-free images and appropriate font with one revision. We will discuss your cover design in advance and you will approve the final result.
Do you outsource any of your writing projects?
Never. I think outsourcing, particularly to offshore writers, is an extremely poor business decision for anyone to make. You are paying for my writing expertise. I have the experience to write quality documents in short time periods. I have a particular method and I write everything myself. Also, I never accept more work than I can complete in the time-frame I promise to my clients.
Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, I accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and also PayPal. eBooks require advance payment due to copyright issues.  There are no refunds due to the opportunity costs associated with accepting and completing the eBook. Print book payments require a nonrefundable 50% advance payment, 25% upon completion of the first draft, final 25% with the delivery of the final draft. Ask for a quote.
What if I want you to rewrite the book after I see it?
I have a 96% approval rate. That means my clients accept the first draft with only tiny changes.

The reason for this high approval rate is that I write the book based on a detailed outline you approve in advance. You will review the first draft. There are no surprises for clients.

Later changes to the approved outline and the relevant content may attract extra fees. While I am happy to make revisions to the first draft after you review it, making “revisions to revisions” incurs an extra fee.

Will you sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)?
When it comes to content, people often think they have a rare or unique idea. However, it’s normally one, or very similar to one, that I have seen many times before. If I signed an NDA regarding your content, I would jeopardize my ability to write for other clients with similar ideas, systems or products.

Therefore, I do not sign NDAs. However, I will sign a Confidentiality Agreement so that nobody knows I authored the book on your behalf if you wish. I support your privacy in all cases.



Blog Posts for Your Site

I’ll write unique, creative blog posts for your business or professional website. Most are in the 750 to 1,500-word range, but it’s your preference.

  • Prices start at 17 cents per word for individual posts.
    Batch writing is ideal if you need to populate a new blog with traffic-getting posts or if you want to drip-feed one each week to your clients over a 10-week period. You’ll get them all delivered at the same time, so it’s your choice.
  • When you contract with me to write and batch deliver 10 unique posts on a related theme at the same time, deduct 10% from the total. Each post is different and addresses some aspect of your business or blog topic. We agree on blog titles and outlines before I write them.
  • Let me help you get search engine page ranking. You supply keyword phrases you want me to use, or I’ll do keyword phrase research for an additional fee.

I have written thousands of blog posts and have a particular philosophy about structure, length and search engine optimization (SEO). See my thoughts here.


Video Scripts

Your video script needs special attention. It may be a YouTube video, Explainer or even a full course curriculum. I can do them all. You can see examples of my work on this site.

I also have the skills to produce finished videos for any purpose. I specialize in “desktop videos” utilizing Camtasia and other tools. See Book Commercial samples here.

Contact me with your specific needs and I’ll provide a custom quote. Get the script or a completely produced video.

 Have further questions? Please contact me. I’d love to write for you.

* Books I write about professional topics like law, accounting and medicine require vetting by a professional in the field to help guard against errors and omissions. If you, as my client, don’t have professional credentials in the field, then there is an extra fee for technical review by an appropriate professional practitioner. 

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