Finding Time to Write – The Ultimate Secret


This is the ultimate secret to finding time to write. Partial video transcription.

The Challenge

If we say we are writers, we have all sorts of ideas running through our minds. “All you have to do is write them down….”

What could be so hard about that?

A major barrier—It’s hard to find the time. Most books never get written because people don’t find the time to write them. And as we all know, an unwritten book is no book at all.

Posers talk about writing and endlessly think about writing. It’s an old cliche, but writers actually write. There’s a huge difference between thinking about writing and doing it.

The Reality

If you want to write a book, you need to find time to write it. You need to sit down and turn all those visions in your head into a tangible form.

So, how do you find time to do that?  Well, here’s the ultimate secret I advertised.

You’ll never find the time. You must MAKE time.

Face reality— if you could have FOUND the time to write you would have done it by now.

But you haven’t done that, so most, if not all of your book, is still in your head, not on your computer screen or paper.

You are a busy person. Family, friends, work—even the need to relax is important to you. So many responsibilities, so many obligations, so many people and things to occupy your time.

You’ll never FIND time to write the book in your head.

So, how can you MAKE time to write? Making time to write—that’s the ultimate secret.

The Solution

Let me offer a solution. We all have 1,440 minutes each day. You’re not going to manufacture time to write.

The best you can do is ALLOCATE time you already have.

You MAKE time to write by assigning it a higher priority in your life.  For example,

You say, is writing more important to me than:

  • Feeding your child. No. Feeding your child is one of the most important things you do.
  • Getting sleep. Hmmm. You could allocate some of your sleep time and use that for writing. Get up an hour early and write.
  • Watching your favorite TV program or movie? No question there. You may THINK you need the relaxation, but those programs and movies are replayed all the time.

By the way, many people think writing is relaxing, so write for an hour and a half each evening instead of watching a TV program or two.

Take Action

You become a writer when you do that—you’re either a writer or a poser.

Yes, you must adjust your thinking and break out of those familiar ruts. Challenge your comfort zone.

So, prioritize the events of your life. Keep asking yourself, “Writing more important to me than…” and eliminate all those things that are less important.

Don’t FIND time to write. The ultimate secret is to MAKE time to write.

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