Writing Techniques of Jack Kerouac

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The writing techniques of Jack Kerouac included 30 rules for writing and life. Jack Kerouac was one of our most famous modern writers. Kerouac used an uninhibited stream-of-consciousness style to write much of his material. His most famous novel was, On the Road.

Writing Techniques of Jack KerouacMany of his rules were a bit “spacey.” However, he was a genius who changed American culture. He said things that are important for all writers. In this video, I selected 3 of his most important rules from his collection of 30 to present here.

There are many stories about Kerouac. One of them was that he sat down and wrote On the Road in just a matter of weeks.  As you’ll see in this video, this may or may not be true. It depends on how you interpret what he did. It’s true that he sat down and typed it in a matter of weeks, but it was not entirely the stream of consciousness experience of lore. He kept copious notebooks of his many travels across the United States, and those experiences and notebooks were the source of the book. He definitely didn’t write it out of his head.

After he finished writing, the book was in rough shape. It took years of editing before it was good enough to be accepted by a publisher.

Nevertheless, Kerouac  had some interesting writing principles. Despite The miss that surround him, he followed solid writing principles. He even created a few of his own and I share them in this video. The truth be known, he had 30 writing rules but some of them were pretty esoteric. That’s why I have curated his many ideas into three excellent principles that you can use.

By the way, if you haven’t read On the Road, you must add it to your reading list. In recent years there was a movie based on the book, but it was a failure. Nothing captures the spirit of Kerouac’s writing genius like reading the book itself.

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