How to Write an Effective Promotional News Release

about this courseFree mini-course. You’ll learn how to write an effective news release and distribute it.

Plus, you’ll also experience my teaching methods. There are several full-length paid courses here that will enhance your writing and book marketing skills.

Get free exposure for for your blog, book or other product or service. Wise people are want to find cost effective ways to get the word out. Sending a news release is one way to do that.

But it’s not enough to throw a release at newspapers like mud on a wall to see if sticks. You need to know what news outlets are looking for and provide it to them.VelocityWriting online course

It’s a FREE mini-course!



In this mini-course you’ll learn:

  • The one key thing news outlets are looking for in a news release
  • How to structure your release for maximum impact
  • The types of content news outlets seek
  • How to format a news release for distribution
  • Where to distribute your release
  • Tips (and cautions) that will help you get your release published

This course also has a list of places where you can publish your release along with other bonus material.

Invest your time in this course. You’ll get great publicity value for your investment.



This course includes:

  • 9 Instructional Videos. Approximately 35 minutes
  • Resources and Supplementary Lesson Notes (PDF)
  • View courses from any phone, tablet, or computer. Fully browser responsive.
  • New Videos and Helpful Information Added Regularly to course Update Section
  • Unlimited term access

Completion time (videos and other  content) is approximately 50 minutes, however you are free to work at your own pace and to review any part of the course later.

Course Curriculum

View lesson videos online only. You can download the resources and other files.

Course Lessons

Section 1 – Course Introduction

Lesson 1 – What You’ll Learn

Section 2 – Getting Started Right

Lesson 2 – What Experience Teaches
Lesson 3 –  Help News Publishers Help You
Lesson 4 –  Slant Your Story Correctly
Lesson 5 –  Types of Information that Gets Published
Lesson 6 –  How to Structure a News Story
Lesson 7 –  How to Format a News Release
Lesson 8 –  How to Distribute Your News Release
Lesson 9 –  Tips and Cautions

Fun Learning Quiz

Section 3 – Resource Section

Places to Distribute Your News Release (PDF)
Project/Special Offer (PDF)

Note: I add helpful information on an ongoing basis so there are likely to be more video lessons/resources than shown on this list.

VelocityWriting online course


It’s a FREE mini-course!

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