Substantive Editing

Substantive editing, also known as “Developmental Editing” is an evaluation and critique of your book.

substantive editingWhen I analyze and evaluate your book, you receive:

  • A helpful evaluation of your writing style from an objective point of view.
  • A positive critique of specific elements you can change to make your book better.
  • A professional opinion about your book’s potential for commercial success.
  • No canned material or generic commentary—you get a personalized, objective  appraisal of your book. My goal is to help you create a book you will be proud to publish.

I read your manuscript carefully and prepare a 8-25 page report (it depends on the length of your book and the number of issues I discover), noting strengths and weaknesses and offering detailed suggestions for improvement.  See my credentials here.

My fee for substantive editing is $395 for up to 50,000 words. Add $12 for each thousand words beyond 60,000. Word count is based on Microsoft Word statistics.

A completed first draft is strongly preferred. You may send a work-in-progress if it is well along, but your fee pays for a one-time evaluation, not an ongoing evaluation of your work-in-progress.

Contact me and tell me briefly about your needs. I’ll respond promptly.

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