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Finding Time to Write – The Ultimate Secret

Finding time to write is a near universal problem for aspiring writers. Most people have enormous demands on their time and so the dream of writing a book remains only a dream. However, if you have a passion to write burning within you, you can find the time. This video offers a solution for you.…

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Courage is Essential to Writing Success

It takes courage to want to write in the first place. I don't know of any field of human endeavor where people have so much self-doubt. People want to write, but they have all sorts of excuses running through their mind. Doubt…writer's tell themselves they don't know what to say--that's called writer's block…don't know grammar or…

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Authors Need Both Book Endorsements and Reviews

  Authors need both book endorsements and reviews. Why? Because each provides a different kind of social proof to potential buyers that your book has merit. In the past, people bought books because some respected newspaper or magazine reviewer recommended a book. Good reviews from key newspapers across the country insured a bestseller. That was all…

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How Many Words in a Book?

  How many words in a book? Different kinds of books are different lengths. This video explains why word count is important and the word count ranges for various kinds of books. Fiction books have certain word count ranges.  It even varies within genre. For example, among novels, romance is generally shorter than books in…

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How to Help an Aspiring Writer

  How can you help an aspiring writer? Recently, an experienced writer asked what he should do about a new, aspiring writer. He had been assked to offer advice, but he didn't want to help. The fact is, he didn't know how to help. He had no idea how to respond to the tyro writer without…

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Motivation 101 for Writers

You can't be a successful writer unless you are highly motivated. In this video, Motivation 101 for Writers, I explain some of the basics.  Over 10,000 people have viewed and appreciated this insight. This topic is so important, I have done a complete course on it. Take a look at this life-changing educational experience here.…

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