Private Mentoring-Coaching

In the Mentoring/Coaching process, I’m able to guide and encourage you from idea through writing, publishing, and marketing.

Mentoring/Coaching is a mutual commitment between us. I become available to you on an ongoing basis.

What You Receive

help an aspiring writerMentoring is done on an ongoing basis. Your monthly $497 subscription fee includes:

  • Intake conversation about your book and your writing goals.
  • Research and writing strategy plan (We create it together).
  • Market research for your book topic. Does your book have sales potential?
  • Work-in-Progress manuscript assessments (up to two book portions per month).
  • Up to two 30-minute discussion sessions per month (Video Skype or email internationally, also by telephone in the US).
  • Templates, videos, and techniques to help you become a more efficient, interesting writer.
  • Evaluate your publishing options (self or traditional) with you.
  • Offer proven resources (agents, editors, cover artists, book formatting, etc.).
  • Weekly email tips and encouragement. I become your accountability partner.
  • 50% off coupon for one online course each month.

Get the Ongoing Help and Encouragement You Need to Complete Your Book

This is one of the most comprehensive mentoring programs available. It’s always your option to stop the mentoring process at the end of any month you choose.

Have questions about my mentoring program? Contact me here.

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