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How to Write an Effective Promotional News Release

How to Write an Effective Promotional News Release

Free mini-course. You'll learn how to write an effective news release and distribute it. Plus, you'll also experience my teaching methods. There are several full-length paid courses here that will enhance your writing and book marketing skills. Get free exposure for for your blog, book or other product or service. Wise people are want to find…

VelocityWriting Online Course

How to Get Profitable Book Ideas

Course Updated 2018 "Why Do You Write?" Do you want to make money with your books, or is writing just a hobby with you? If you are tired of writing books that don't sell, then this online course will radically change your perspective. I explain how to get ideas for books that people want to…

VelocityWriting Online Course

How to Get Kindle Reviews the Fast, Effective and Legal Way

Course Updated 2018 Money can be made by writing and selling eBooks. But sales are often dependent on reviews. Why? Reviews offer social proof that others think you had something to say and did a good job of saying it. There is a perception that an eBook (or any book for that matter) can't be successful unless it…

VelocityWriting Online Course

Motivation Secrets for Writers

Course Updated 2018 What if you could break out of your lethargy and complete the book you’ve dreamed of writing? Most writers face a problem with motivation. Sometimes it’s called “writer’s block,” but we all know how it feels. There is a burning desire to complete a book manuscript, but an invisible barrier seems to…

Write Your Book with Voice Recognition Software

How to Dictate Your Book to Empower Your Writing

Course Updated 2018 Voice writing is NOT futuristic — people are making more money by writing faster, high quality material using speech recognition technology today.  You CAN dictate your book to empower your writing. Voice recognition software is better than ever and you can leverage it to make your thoughts tangible. Speech recognition software is not magic,…

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