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how to get profitable book ideas

How to Get Profitable Book Ideas

  Book ideas are everywhere. You may not recognized them when you see them, but I explain how to become aware of them. I explain how ideas are formed in your mind… there’s brain science that will help you produce your ideas when you discover how they are...

motivation secrets for writers

Motivation Secrets for Writers

  What if you could break out of your lethargy and complete the book you’ve dreamed of writing? Most writers face a problem with motivation. Sometimes it’s called “writer’s block,” but we all know how it feels. There is a burning desire to complete a book manuscript, but...

dictate your book online course

How to Speed Write Your Book with Voice Recognition Software

  Dictate your book, don’t type it! Voice writing is NOT futuristic — people are making more money by writing faster, high quality material using speech recognition technology today.  Voice recognition software is better than ever and you can leverage it to make your thoughts tangible. Speech recognition software is...