How to Get Profitable Book Ideas

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Book ideas are everywhere. You may not recognized them when you see them, but I explain how to become aware of them.

I explain how ideas are formed in your mind… there’s brain science that will help you produce your ideas when you discover how they are formed.

There are many rich areas of ideas in your life and I discuss how to tap into them.

  • Your life experience
  • Your formal training
  • Your work
  • Your hobbies
  • People you know
  • There are even so-called “Evergreen ideas” that you can tap into, and I explain what they are and how you can use them to your benefit

I discuss how you can shape the ideas the idea ideas you get… that’s essential to getting a solid book idea.

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All the concepts apply to both fiction and nonfiction idea-generation… but I do have a complete lesson for fiction writers.





I teach how you can shape the ideas you get… that’s essential to getting a solid book idea. Importantly, you’ll learn how to test your ideas for profit potential.

This course also offers something you won’t often find… a strategy about what to do if a good idea goes bad. A good investment in your success.

This course includes:

  • 11 Instructional Videos (Approximately 1.2 hours + Supplementary Lesson Notes)
  • Course Orientation Workbook (PDF)
  • New Videos and Helpful Information Added Regularly to course Update Section
  • Free Offers and Contests in course Bonus Lecture (final lesson)
  • Full Lifetime Access – Start, Review or See Updates Anytime
  • Access on mobile (iOS and Android) and TV
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Personalized Certificate of Completion

Completion time (all content) is approximately 1.7 hours, but you are free to work at your own pace and to review any part of the course later.

Course Curriculum

View lesson videos online only. You can download the Workbook and other files.

Course Lessons

Section 1 – Getting Started Right

Lesson 1:  Course Orientation
Lesson 2:  Ideas Are Everywhere

Section 2 – Best Places to Generate Sell-able Book Ideas

Lesson 3: Evergreen Nonfiction Book Ideas
Lesson 4: Ideas for Fiction Writers
Lesson 5: Your Life Experience is an Idea Generator
Lesson 6: Your Work is a Treasure Chest of Ideas

Section 3 – How to Test Profitability and Modify Content If Needed

Lesson 7: Testing: Is Your Idea Potentially Profitable?
Lesson 8: Shaping Ideas to Meet Book Buyer Needs
Lesson 9: What to Do When a Good Idea Turns Bad
Lesson 10: Mixing Passion and Reason – A Summary

Section 4 – Update Section – Recent Additional Resources

Lesson 11: Bonus Lecture – More Resources from D.L. Hughes

Note: I add helpful information on an ongoing basis so there are likely to be more video lessons/resources than shown on this list.

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