Finding Time to Write – The Ultimate Secret

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Video Summary

Finding time to write is a near-universal problem for aspiring writers. Most people have enormous demands on their time and so the dream of writing a book remains only a dream.

However, if you have a passion to write burning within you, this video offers a solution for you.

The Problem

If we say we are writers, we have all sorts of ideas running through our minds. “All you have to do is write them down. What could be so hard about that?”

Most books never get written because people don’t find the time to write them.

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The Reality

If you want to write a book, you need to find time to write it. You need to sit down and turn all those visions in your head into a tangible form.

So, how do you find time to do that?  If you could have found the time to write you would have done it by now. Most, if not all of your book,  is still in your head, not on your computer screen or on paper. So many responsibilities, so many obligations, so many people and things to occupy your time.  You’ll never find time to write the book in your head.  So, how can you MAKE time to write? You’re not going to manufacture time to write.

The best you can do is ALLOCATE time you already have.  You MAKE time to write by assigning it a higher priority in your life.


Spread the Love - Share this Page with Others

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