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Frequently Asked Questions

velocitywriting FAQ

What do you mean by “Fast Track” courses?

As a student (I have a B.A. and two graduate school degrees) and as an educator (I have taught on the college level and even got a national award for my work), I have developed some ideas about how students like to receive information.  My perspective? Students want to grasp a concept...

velocitywriting FAQ

I’m a Newbie. Can you really help me write and sell books?

Knowledge is power. I can help you write and sell books by providing you and other aspiring authors relevant, up-to-date “how-to” information. If you surf the Internet, you’ll see others are offering similar information, some at outrageous prices. Many of these people offer “Webinars” which is a form...

velocitywriting FAQ

How are you going to use my email address?

I’ve asked for your email address when you registered for any course (and for sales and promotions) because I want to stay in touch with you. Also, I invite you to stay in touch with me. I am interested in your writing project. I’m going to use your email...

velocitywriting FAQ

Can you recommend someone to give me personalized help with my book?

I have been a writer, editor and publisher for over 30 years. I have mentored hundreds of writers over the years. Author Services I offer include: Consulting. I answer your specific questions at an hourly rate. Substantive editing. I review your book before you publish it and report...