Crowdfund Your Book – Get Paid BEFORE You Write It

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Crowdfund Your Book

Did you know that you can get money in advance to finance the researching, writing and publishing of your book? It’s possible if you Crowdfund your book. I explain the details in this video.

Crowdfunding is a trending method of raising money.

The principle is a simple one. You share your dream with the public, and they make a financial contribution to help your dream come true. Of course, your dream must have a tangible result.

Crowdfunding has provided the capital for a wide range of tangible results. They include offbeat products like personal air conditioners and devices that turn class or meeting speech into written notes.

And they also include funding for film, video game and app development. Even educational endeavors. Can you use one of the Crowdfunding sites to gather money to research, write and publish your book? The answer is yes.  You can Crowdfund your book. In this video I explain how Crowdfunding works and how you can make it work for you,

The two biggest players, Kickstarter and Indiegogo (and numerous smaller online venues) allow users to raise money for all sorts of projects, and book development (research and writing) and publication is one of them.

So, if you have an idea for a book, and are able to convince backers to support your work, then you don’t have to wait until your book is completed before you see cash. Money will arrive in advance and you can have peace of mind to research and write at your own pace without worrying about paying your bills or repaying the money.

The process is similar for most crowdfunding sites. Good advanced planning is essential to your success.

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