Courage is Essential to Writing Success

It takes courage to want to write in the first place. I don’t know of any field of human endeavor where people have so much self-doubt.

Courage is Essential to Writing SuccessPeople want to write, but they have all sorts of excuses running through their mind.

Doubt…writer’s tell themselves they don’t know what to say–that’s called writer’s block…don’t know grammar or punctuation or spelling.

It takes courage to overcome all those negative inner messages. But all successful writers MUST say the same thing–“I can do this. I’ll fake it until I make it.”

As I always tell aspiring writers I mentor, “The secret to writing success is freedom.  And the secret to freedom is courage.”

Part of the self-doubt comes from the naysayers. All writers seem to have a father, sibling, spouse, friend  who say, “You’re wasting your time with writing.”

That’s hard. You need to be brave in the face of inner self-doubt and outer discouragement.

You can be courageous by just writing. Click off the negative self-talk. Close the door on critics. Be brave and just write.

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