Need trustworthy, expert knowledge about writing, editing, publishing or marketing?

I can answer your questions and provide time and money-saving options to your decision-making process.

Consulting. My hourly fee is $95 with a one hour minimum in advance. Session time is not transferable to later sessions.

I consult with clients by either email or face-to-face by video Skype.  Telephone is also an option. The time can be spent in any way you wish. I will answer any questions, help you define your strategy and make recommendations. I often email additional resources to clients after the session.

Coaching. Coaching is a longer term relationship. I can guide and encourage you through the entire book writing process, from idea through publishing and marketing. Or, I can coach you through specific aspects where you have a need. Once your needs are established, we agree on a one-time fee, which I receive in advance. I am then available to you on an ongoing basis. Ongoing coaching is at a lower fee than consulting.

Contact me here and tell me briefly about your needs. Let me how you want to communicate and the best times (2 or 3 options, including evenings if you wish), and I’ll get back to you promptly.

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