Bookcraft is the process of turning a manuscript into a book suitable for publishing

I have been doing bookcraft for many years because I enjoy doing professional quality work.

Print Books

bookcraftInterior book design including layout and typography. Your book will be completed to the  technical specification of your target POD or other printer. Most print books are $395*

I design the interior of your book using Adobe InDesign, normally in 5.8 x 8.5 or 6 x 9 trade paperback format, or other sizes. My work includes professional page design, pagination and typography. The work includes front and back matter and individual chapters. Completed project files are usually available for your review in 5-7 business days or less.

The Print Book Process

I receive your edited book manuscript file in Word format or RTF if you have used another word processor. I create a sample design and after I get your approval, I complete the project based on that approved sample. No material changes are made for the stated price after the approval.

Quality print book design and typesetting gives your readers a better experience. We make sure your book layout and “look” enhances your content.

*There is an extra charge if your book has more than 250 finished book-sized pages or has more than 5 interior images. Please contact me for pricing if your book exceeds these limits.

To get a fixed quote (no surprise price increases later), let me know your finished book size (6 x 9, 8.5 x 11 or whatever it may be), your word count, whether or not your manuscript has already been carefully edited, the number of interior images (if any) and if they are at least 300 dpi each. This information will enable me to confirm that I can do the book for the minimum price.

Note: You are responsible to check all aspects of the book before it is printed. I deliver the book in the approved high-res digital format layout requested by the book printer you designate. I am extremely familiar with the technical requirements of all the major companies and guarantee the body of the book file will pass their technical “preflight.”

Need a print book cover? Ask me about available options.

*** 10% discount on all fees when you have me create your print book and eBook at the same time ***


Formatting – $169. Ask about my special pricing when you have me do both print and eBook at the same time. I use the edited, proofread Word file you send us (or RTF file if you use another word processor) and create the different eBook formats you need for:

  • –  I use Amazon’s KINDLE FORMAT 8 (KF8) which is a more sophisticated way of formatting eBooks than the old Kindle MOBI method. It is a far better format for both legacy Kindles, the new Kindle HD format and for all tablets using a Kindle App.
  • Barnes and Noble/Nook and others – EPUB.
  • Apple’s iStore – EPUB. (Note: Client to supply eBook ISBN required by Apple or contact us about getting one)

Virtually all eBook stores (including Google Books) use one or both of the files listed above. Get the eBook file formatting you need to help make your eBook a success. You get all the file formats you need at no extra charge.

The eBook Process

Click here and tell me briefly about your needs. I’ll get back to you promptly. I’ll have your formatted files ready in 3-5 business days or less.  Price includes 2 runs so you can make minor corrections if needed.

If you have a cover, I’ll include that cover image at no extra charge. Otherwise, I use a text title page or a properly sized cover image you supply.

Once I have formatted your file, you can follow the upload instructions at Amazon or other sites where you want to sell your book. Use this hourly consulting link if you need further marketing instruction or advice.

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