Authors Need Both Book Endorsements and Reviews

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Authors need both book endorsements and reviews. Why? Because each provides a different kind of social proof to potential buyers that your book has merit.

In the past, people bought books because some respected newspaper or magazine reviewer recommended a book. Good reviews from key newspapers across the country insured a bestseller. That was all the social proof needed to confirm that a particular book was worthwhile.

Book Endorsements and ReviewsThose national reviews by established reviewers were enough to sell a particular book and also cement the reputation of the author. Good reviews from a few well-respected reviewers were enough to create a career for an author.

That has all changed today. It’s great to get a review from a recognized thought-leader in a particular field, but otherwise the day of the authoritative reviewer is almost gone. We have peer reviewers, so people without any credentials at all are the ones who make or break authors.

The name of the game now is to get as many good reviews as possible so your star rating averages four or five. That’s enough social proof for potential purchasers to have enough confidence to buy your book. Reviewers don’t even have to make intelligent comments; all the have to do is click on a star.

How can you get the jump and set the tone for amateur reviews?  One of the best ways is to get advance endorsements  or “testimonials” from recognized people. They may be other authors or they may be well-known specialists on the topic of your book.

Endorsements by recognized experts puts reviewers on notice that someone in authority appreciates your work. Very few reviewers will contradict the word of an authority.

Most authors don’t understand this distinction between an endorsement and a review. But both book endorsements and reviews are important to your success as an author.  In this video I explain the difference and provide some tips on how you can get endorsements as a prelude to selling your book.

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