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Write a Book Change Your Life

Write a Book, Change Your Life

  Want to change your life? Write and publish a book. Here are 5 of the most important reasons why being an author can be a life-changing experience. 1. You can turn your passion into profits. Everyone has passion about a topic they can turn into profits. You...

Book Editor

A Book Editor Can Make You Look Good

  Most people do not understand the function of an editor. New authors tend to think of them in terms of someone who corrects the errors they make. That’s why new authors often seek an editor/proofreader. They have no idea that those two functions are not related or...

Formatting Your eBook for Smart Phones and Tablets

Formatting Your eBook for Smart Phones and Tablets

  Seasoned authors know they always put their readers first. Both fiction and nonfiction writers must immediately capture reader attention and keep them turning the pages. Fiction writers do that with compelling characters and dialogue. Nonfiction writers have the advantage of using brief stories, statistics and bullet points...

Blog Post Word Count is Important

Why Blog Post Word Count is Important

  Blog post word count is important. All online entrepreneurs agree. But there’s disagreement how many words are needed to get desired results. Those results are two-fold: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for high search page ranking Content that rivets reader attention long enough for theme to respond to the...

eBooks are Special

Why eBooks are Special

Did you hear the story about the university professor in Germany in 1457? He was looking at one of Gutenberg’s first printed books and he had a sneer on his face. As he flipped through the pages he said, “This will never be popular. People like scrolls. Scrolls...