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Fiverr eBook Cover

Fiverr Book Cover: Look Before You Leap

Ask any eBook guru where to get an eBook cover made, and they’re likely to suggest you go to a site called Fiverr (a registered trademark) is a website where freelancers from around the world gather to offer various kinds of services. These micro-jobs are called “gigs.”...

Best eBook Format

EPub or Mobi: Which is the Best eBook Format?

Most people don’t realize it, but eBooks are HTML (Hyper-text Markup Language), the same as web pages. Other than being compiled in a specific way, there is little difference between a web page and an eBook. They are both based on HTML. However, the way they are compiled makes a big...

Is Kindle Select Right for You?

Is Kindle Select Right for You?

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is a genius in my opinion. And I’m not alone. He brought together eBook technology in a unique way that revolutionized the way people buy and read books. However, Bezos is in the business of making money.  He spent hundreds of millions of dollars...

finish Writing Your book

How to Keep Focus and Finish Writing Your Book

Sonya Parker has made a name for herself as a relationship writer. She knows what she’s talking about when it comes to life and writing. She says, “When driving life’s road, keep your foot on the gas, don’t drive in reverse, and don’t let speed bumps slow you down.”...

eBooks are Special

Why eBooks are Special

Did you hear the story about the university professor in Germany in 1457? He was looking at one of Gutenberg’s first printed books and he had a sneer on his face. As he flipped through the pages he said, “This will never be popular. People like scrolls. Scrolls...