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The Pomodoro Method Will Help You Write

The Pomodoro Method Will Help You Write and Eat Elephants

The Pomodoro Method will help you write and eat elephants. It's true. That's because both are big tasks that can be broken down in small portions for success. Most new writers think about writing a book and are overwhelmed by how large the task seems. Many people with a novel or nonfiction book idea never…

Case Against Offshore Writers

The Case Against Offshore Writers

Jerry Maguire is a film about a sports agent, played by Tom Cruise, who writes a document he thinks will revolutionize his industry. It’s a 25-page mission statement entitled, The Things We Think and Do Not Say. In it, he speaks the truth about the sports agent industry. No one wants to hear that truth,…

All Writing Is Storytelling

All Writing Is Storytelling

  All writing is storytelling. Not only short stories, novels, TV and movie scripts, but the kind of articles you depend on to sell your product or service. Seasoned writers know this. They don’t throw words on a page, they work to capture the interest and imagination of readers. Nonfiction writers need to tell a…

Write a Book Change Your Life

Write a Book, Change Your Life

  Want to change your life? Write and publish a book. Here are 5 of the most important reasons why being an author can be a life-changing experience. 1. You can turn your passion into profits. Everyone has passion about a topic they can turn into profits. You have unique experiences relating to your topic…

creativity killers

Beware of the Creativity Killers Stalking You

  Here are the top three creativity killers. Don’t let them stalk you and murder your writing project. If you can overcome these writing blocks, then you can create a book that will be a source of pride to you. 1. Creating/Criticizing at the Same Time Creating is a right brain activity. Creativity, at its…

Book Editor

A Book Editor Can Make You Look Good

  Most people do not understand the function of an editor. New authors tend to think of them in terms of someone who corrects the errors they make. That’s why new authors often seek an editor/proofreader. They have no idea that those two functions are not related or that there are many different types of…

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