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VelocityWriting.com Online Course Benefit 1 Video Lesson Series.  Essential information you need about the topic presented. The number of videos and amount of supplemental material varies by course, but ranges from about 1.5 to 3.5  hours of course time. Work at your own pace. You may review your course, or any individual lesson, anytime during your registration term. See all courses here.
VelocityWriting.com Online Course Benefit 2 20 minutes of PERSONALIZED one-on-one consulting about any aspect of your writing project. This is either a 20 minute Skype conversation or email exchange. See details. Click here to see my credentials. Consulting/Coaching beyond 20 minutes is available here.
VelocityWriting.com Online Course Benefit 3 Course Workbook in PDF format. Use the companion workbook as you progress through the online lessons. The workbook is filled with extra insights and links to outside sources. Keep it as a resource to refresh your thinking about the practical procedures and principles you learned.
VelocityWriting.com Online Course Benefit 4 Download MP3 (audio only) files for each lesson. View the video lessons online only, but then listen to the audio on your SmartPhone, Tablet or other audio device anytime you wish. They are a great reminder to use later in conjunction with your workbook. These audio files are restricted to the course purchaser and cannot be shared in any other way.
VelocityWriting.com Online Course Benefit 5 Automatic entry for a free VelocityWriting.com course of your choice. We select one paid student each month and the random winner can take any course we offer at no charge. Yes, you may gift your one-use code to a friend or relative and they can take the course instead of you.
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Certificate of Completion. Complete 100% of the course and get a personalized certificate emailed in PDF format. It’s suitable for printing and framing. Be sure to enroll with your name exactly as you want it to appear on your certificate.

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